Hello wanderer…

I am so grateful to meet you here and I hope you have a delightful stay.

I have always loved stories. I love to read and write and get lost in a world like but unlike my own. My first introduction to an internet fandom was with the masterpiece that is called The X-Files and since then I have fallen in love with other stories, worlds and characters.

This will, hopefully, be the place to process that love.

As a student of English, History, Playwriting and Dramaturgy; I tend to overanalyze things such as my favorite TV shows and books in my head but never really write down what I’m thinking. I decided it was time to change that.

These will not be ‘normal’ reviews or recaps (if there even is such a thing) but a study in thought processing, story and character development (hopefully) so the content might get fairly stream of consciousness.

If you are still here and up for the ride – I hope you will take it with me. On this site I will delve into my all time favorites TV Shows (The X-Files, Castle, Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who and possibly throw in some Supernatural) and maybe even some books along the way.

Cause after all – we’re all stories in the end … so let’s make it a good one.