*Disclaimer: I basically spent this entire episode flailing and barely able to contain my excitement – so half of this will be very thoughtful and the other half will be utter fangirling/shipper nonsense (ok let’s be honest it’ll be more like 20/80…oh who am I kidding, it’s really 10/90)


1 – Can’t be a Chris Carter episode without a lengthy, mind-numbing opening voiceover

2 – At least the language and syntax in this one actually sounds like Mulder and not some grandiose, poet trying to sound smarter than they actually are *side eye*

3 – Plus I really like the history of Mulder’s drive to run after the X-Files to remind all of us faithfuls and possible new comers as well that he tends to run head long into ‘The Truth’ leaving all else behind for a spell (including his partner…)

4 – “But my personal obsession did not” – tagline (also…understatement!)

5 – Even Biblical references…um…

6 – The UFOs buzzing around the Capitol Building in Washington, DC was actually in July 1952 NOT 1957 (Example #59,203 that Chris Carter doesn’t really do his research or he just doesn’t EDIT his scripts before sending them out to the actors)

7 – The Alien Hand!!!!! First I got a chill…and then I saw Rose’s hand in Titanic on the glass of the steamed up car…is that alien dying…or doing something else entirely?!

8 – “Or are we being lied to?” – ALWAYS

9 – THE THEME SONG!!!!!!!!!!

10 – THE CREDITS?!?!!?!?!?!? HOLY CRAP they kept the actual original credits from 1993…with one notable and worthy exception SKINNER FOR THE WIN!!!!!!! I’m dying

11 – So…the UFO crash in the beginning? Are we supposed to assume this is the infamous Roswell crash? Cause Roswell is NOT in the Northwestern part of New Mexico…and I can promise you, it doesn’t look ANYTHING like this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.07.20 AM

It looks more like this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.07.42 AM

There’s a reason it’s called THE DESERT and try as it might, Vancouver, BC is NOT a desert…(Example #59,204 that Chris Carter doesn’t do his research)

12 – I freaking LOVE Mark Snow and I am so grateful he’s back…the scoring in this scene with the bus ride is perfectly ominous

13 – The UFO and the crash site is STUNNING – shout out to the production and art departments.

14 – So we’re still thinking this hospital (Our Lady of Sorrows) is a good idea? Really? You couldn’t have come up with a better name, Chris Carter? (though this really should have been addressed back in “I Want to Believe” but whatever…)

15 – I JUST noticed the kid on that monitor doesn’t have ears

16 – Love the shot of just Scully’s back looking at the monitor before we see her face – wonderful directorial echo back to the Pilot when Scully only sees Mulder’s back as he’s arranging his slides

17 – I have a friend who is good friends with the actress playing this nurse – awesome job, Aliza Vellani!

18 – Skinner is calling and now she makes the face of “Oh shiz what is he going to try get me into this time, as if Mulder doing it wasn’t bad enough”

19 – Nice job using a Jimmy Kimmel clip since David and Gillian were just on Kimmel!

20 – Mulder watches Kimmel…nice taste, Mulder

21 – He doesn’t even have to ASK who’s calling him! He just picks up the phone and “My life’s become a punch line” because he KNOWS who it is…

22 – “He doesn’t know how to reach you, Mulder. I barely know how myself” so we’re still going with the breakup, then? Uhhhhhhh I don’t know if my heart can take it

23 – HOWEVER there is SO much hope in the fact that apparently Scully is the only one with his number…therefore not only did Mulder give it to her because he wanted ONLY her to have it, she accepted it! #stillmarried

24 – Nice touch with Mulder’s camera on his laptop covered in tape and then him adjusting it as he’s talking to Scully (Shoot me now, but I get flashes of “TrustNo1” when the shadow guy tells Scully’s he’s been watching basically all of Mulder and Scully’s relationship – and it’s like this is Mulder making sure someone can’t be spying on him talking with her)

25 – Skinner knows what’s up and wants to be sure Mulder is still nuts

26 – “Why would I watch this jackass, Scully?” MWHAHAHAHAHA Mulder is back and oh how I’ve missed him

27 – “Tell Skinner to set it up” “Seriously?” “Don’t pretend I’m going alone” CAUSE WE ALL KNOW YOU’RE GOING WITH HIM, SCULLY!!!!!!!!

28 – I know people have issues with the wig but I really don’t mind it – I think it looks pretty good actually

29 – Let us all pause for a moment to worship the wardrobe department and the current fashion trends of 2016 for the FIERCENESS of Scully’s wardrobe…that is all

30 – Of course she worries about you….she’s in love with you

31 – Are you ok though, Mulder? Are you really?

32 – You are SO freaking in love just admit it, and stop being stupid:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.29.10 AM
You only smile like this at someone you love or someone who is crazy…


34 – Aaaaaaaand the moment’s gone

35 – Mulder just subtly takes a step away from her when she looks away toward the limo…ugh…feels

36 – “She’s shot men with less provocation” like YOU, Mulder…

37 – Mulder’s face = Yeah it’s funny, it’s also true, jackass. Be happy she isn’t packing anymore

38 – Mulder doesn’t want to get into your fancy car, Sir.

39 – Her face = Wow Mulder we finally found someone more paranoid than you

40 – In the middle of the day? Really, Tad? Really? GO AWAY!

41 – Don’t call her Dana…

42 – She even looks uncomfortable with it!

43 – Mulder’s desperately trying to jump out the window to get away from all the hot air in the car… obviously a partial burn on O’Malley but also a nice hint at his state of mind and where he likely is now. He seems to not really like being in tight spaces with no way out

44 – Bulletproof glass…on his limo…wow….way more paranoid than Mulder

45 – “You’ll have to excuse him” cause he’s a bit insane but we wouldn’t have him any other way #stillmarried

46 – Scully still saying “we” instead of just letting Mulder handle this…she’s in it…she’s ALL IN IT

47 – “I only WANT to believe. Actual proof has been strangely hard to come by” – Serious whiffs of season five Mulder…A bit more hardened but not to the point of “Gethsemane/Redux 1” where he’s about to shoot himself

48 – “You were the X-Files” um….Scully is sitting RIGHT THERE, YOU KNOW!! She was kind of a big deal too…

49 – “For better or worse, we’ve moved on with our lives” “Yes we have. For better or for worse” STOP TRYING TO KILL ME! He’s looking right at her with every syllable and you can tell she’s doing everything she can not to look at him

50 – Even Tad knows there’s been a disturbance in the force:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.44.13 AM
Are you guys gonna fight or make out?

51 – THANK YOU, MULDER!!!! I’ve been wondering the same thing…I find it interesting Chris Carter decided to make Tad a Conservative…seems a really ridiculous choice

52 – Mulder drops the “incident” test and Scully just looks at O’Malley like…prove yourself, bucko

53 – So apparently Scully didn’t need to work today?

54 – And onward to the PLOT!

55 – Vancouver is freaking gorgeous

56 – “Aliens couldn’t find this place” and Mulder smiles all proud of his woman, he taught her the way of the one-liners well

57 – PLOT: Sveta contacted Tad and suggested he call Mulder and Scully. Mulder had interviewed Sveta when she was a girl, after her first abduction.

58 – So I’m guessing this was B.S. (Before Scully), which would have to make this supposed interview more than 23 years ago. Is there a way Sveta is more than late 20s? So she was YOUNG the first time she was taken – I would say no older than six

59 – PLOT: Sveta has lots o’scars on her abdomen from ‘over 20 years’ of abductions – “Classic scoop mark scars” (did some googling and apparently this is a BIG classic in Alien abduction lore…learn something new everyday) – Sveta has screen memories implanted over her actual memories of the abductions, the aliens would ‘harvest’ unborn children from Sveta which apparently were aliens themselves

60 – Scully’s all “Tad I know what the hell she’s talking about, I’ve been delving into alien conspiracies since before you could SPELL conspiracy! PLUS I’ve experienced it first hand…have you?”

61 – Scully I know you’re good and all, but how did you get that she was pregnant out of “harvesting stuff”? Now you’re making Mulder-level leaps

62 – Alien DNA and NO ONE is going to bring up Gibson Praise????? NO ONE?????

63 – Don’t you call her Dana, Mulder! You take that back RIGHT THIS INSTANT!

64 – But he is right because you know she’s tested for alien DNA before…(“Redux 1”, “The Beginning”)

65 – Her face = I’m going to get you back for this, asshat

66 – Back in 1947 – Hold up! Is that supposed to be a nod to the black oil there?

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.05.10 AM

I mean in FTF, it was found out that the Black Oil was Alien Blood, right?

67 – DANG how many bullets can we put in ONE alien?! Jesus!

68 – Sveta is a mind reader?!?!?! Seriously, Scully? GIBSON PRAISE!!!!! YES it’s a thing with alien DNA and you’ve seen it before! Why is no one speaking the name?

69 – “I can’t do it all the time” – Convenient

70 – Scully agrees with me

71 – I always stab people with needles when I want them to stop talking about my personal life

72 – “You don’t know what it’s like to be abducted. To be taken against your will. You don’t know.” -> Scully’s face = oh honey…really? Read THIS thought…

73 – The way Scully LEANS into Sveta looking her directly in the eyes daring Sveta to read her mind is AMAZING! Gillian Anderson is KILLING this episode

74 – Yet another helicopter in his front yard…why do you keep letting people land helicopters in your front yard, Mulder?

75 – THE TRUTH!!!!!!!

76 – “My pursuit hasn’t been so lucrative” ugh….right in the feels…

77 – “The people we’re meeting are very paranoid about the work they do”- there’s going to be a mask or a hood or something of that sort now isn’t there?

78 – A HOOD! Nailed it

79 – “I want to prepare you for what you’re about to see, Mr. Mulder” … it’s an empty hangar with some lights and a big metal screen in it!

80 – Faraday Cage? (According to Google: a grounded metal screen surrounding a piece of equipment to exclude electrostatic and electromagnetic influences)…nothing in that room actually looks like the photos I’ve seen of Faraday Cages though…or am I just that blind that I cannot see the details well enough in that dimly lit room?

81 – What’s an ARV? (Alien Replica Vehicle … thank you, Mulder!)

82 – “What we’re showing you we do at great risk” Oy! If you’re going to show him them show him and don’t hem-and-haw about the fact you MIGHT get blown up…have some guts, man

83 – Christmas came early this year:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.21.20 AM
Little-Kid-on-Christmas-Morning Mulder is the best Mulder. Ever.

84 – PLOT: Tad has taken Mulder to a secret location where he has now lovingly stroked an ARV and seen it in action. Scientist tells him that the craft runs on zero point energy (the “energy of the universe”, “free energy”). This machine doesn’t run on fuel and the Government has had the technology for it since the 40s. The craft can also go invisible. This is all done through a synthetic, superheavy element 115 (dubbed Ununpentium).

85 – Now I’m having Agents of Shield/Marvel crossover fantasies…

86 – Seriously…can you imagine Mulder and Scully as Agents of SHIELD? It’d be freaking awesome!

87 – “Where did you get it?” and BACK to 1947…cause DUH of course it was from a UFO geez, Mulder

88 – The Doctor is going to take the alien body from the crash site – GO dude, GO!

89 – Truth! Why even bring the DOCTOR to a crash site if you were just going to kill whatever survivors you found? It’s not as if you thought maybe it’s a ship piloted by humans…NO…you knew it was aliens driving that sucker…so why bring out someone you know is going to try to save the lives you are sacrificing? Just so you can make sure one day you’ll have a whistle blower to deal with?

90 – Scully’s taking her own blood … we all know she’s part alien, right?

91 – GO AWAY, TAD!

92 – “The usual around here” I’m pretty much always covered in other people’s blood. Want to include YOURS in the mix? My scalpel is right over there…

93 – “I assist the surgeons”… so in “I Want to Believe” they let you just do random-ass, untested medical procedures on a kid’s brain all by yourself and now you’re just ‘assisting’? OH WAIT…I’d bet she got reprimanded for doing what she did in IWTB and now they won’t let her operate on her own any more

94 – Could explain why she looks and sounds kind of peeved mentioning ‘assisting’ the surgeons

95 – “Most common in Navajo Indians” Looks like we’re also continuing Chris Carter’s love affair with the Navajo…though, the last kid on that monitor looked African-American and now this kid is very obviously white, so…?

96 – “Unrelated to your previous work experience” HA!

97 – She needs to stop sounding so choked up when talking about her time on The X-Files and her relationship with Mulder. It’s killing me. Stop it, Gillian Anderson!

98 – He used to do this to me like every week, dude. Don’t worry about Mulder putting me on the spot. It’s practically foreplay…

99 – “And I just wanted to see you again…” YOU SHUT YOUR FACE AND LEAVE, TAD!

100 – Mulder is back to Sveta for some PLOT: He noticed when questioning Sveta previously, before she answered Mulder/Scully’s questions about her abductions and her pregnancies, she would look to O’Malley. She admits she doesn’t believe it is aliens. She knows she was abducted but she believes it was by men.

101 – Of course it was MEN – I half expect her to mention a white room and a bright light

102 – DANA. KATHERINE. SCULLY. THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN A LIMO WITH TAD O’MALLEY?????? DRINKING?? Yeah, you better pull over and get out of that car and talk to Mulder!

103 – Don’t touch her shoulder, Tad! I will come over there and shoot you!

104 – “Sveta is the key to everything” SERIOUSLY?? GIBSON PRAISE??? ANYONE?????

105 – Mulder calls her and then doesn’t let her speak and then hangs up on her…it’s officially The X-Files

106 – SKINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (NOW it’s officially The X-Files…)

107 – There were a lot of file cabinets down there, where did all the files go?

108 – Technically, Mulder was FIRED in 2001 and then Scully LEFT the Bureau in 2002

109 – Skinner let Mulder into that office without even knowing why…bless him

110 – Mulder he will take you…plus HE still has a gun and you don’t so you might not want to make him mad

111 – Why kick the poster, Mulder? Why?

112 – AWWWWWWW he gave Skinner his number! Guys, the band is getting back together!

113 – GO AWAY, TAD!

114 – In all seriousness, I enjoy Joel McHale a LOT and I actually really like him in this episode and this character isn’t really horrible but DANGIT…

115 – Oh ok let’s please say the whole limo drinking incident was just her giving him info on the disease and her work … PLEASE!

116 – Yup, Scully is an alien…I know it…

117 – She’s hoping for Mulder’s call … that’s promising

118 – Mulder chilling in the dark waiting for an informant…ah the good ole days

119 – Who the heck is this guy? Are we supposed to know who he is?

120 – PLOT (I’m putting this whole exchange in here so I don’t miss anything): “Cause you weren’t even close. Warring aliens lighting each other on fire and other such nonsense” “I was being cleverly manipulated” “And what brings this new clarity?” “I saw an ARV, running on free energy. I saw it disappear.” “That’s what they all seem to do.” “But the technology exists. It’s existed since Roswell. And it’s been in use. Being used on humans and human testing. The taking of men, women and children that’s mis-reported as alien abductions.” “So you believe you have the how?” “Yes. And I think I know the why.” “The why is more complicated than you may ever know, Mr. Mulder.” “60 years ago we were warned about the military industrial complex gathering too much power.” “This is old news.” “The countdown has begun. It began in 2012 but no one knew.” “Tell me something new.” “Alien technology being used against us. Not BY aliens, not WITH aliens, but by a venal conspiracy of men against humanity.”

121 – New informant is the doctor from the flashbacks!!! Cool, cool…so I take it he also ended up being one of the medical professionals the conspirators contacted and used in order to run all these tests on people…

122 – Anybody want to start a pool on how long this guy is going to survive?

123 – I take it Mulder heard Scully’s car coming up the drive or that psychic connection they had in the original series is still up and running and he just KNEW Scully was outside that house

124 – Some jag? What the heck is a jag, Scully?

125 – Tad O’Malley is just full of BS…nothing charming about it

126 – Just TELL her Mulder and stop hedging this

127 – “I know what I’m doing” I feel like I’ve heard this from you before, Mulder and it didn’t turn out so well

128 – Scully looks SO shocked to see Sveta standing in that house…in what was SCULLY’S house for so long. Part of me is heartbroken and another part of me wants to smack her for leaving Mulder in the first place

129 – And now she’s all dejected and about to cry in her car and I wanna hug her

130 – GO AWAY, TAD! And now Scully finally agrees with me because he’s blocking her in and forcing her to just hang out in the driveway longer than she wants to

131 – Mulder you always sound crazy – she’s completely used to it

132 – KUDOS to David Duchovny for actually memorizing and delivering ALL THIS DIALOGUE!!!!!

132 – PLOT: The government has been hiding alien technology – they are driven to do this, apparently, due to corporate greed and also to take over America then the world at large. This is perpetrated by a “well oiled and well armed multi-national group of elites, that will cold kill and subjugate.” According to Tad, this will all likely begin on a Friday where the banks will institute a ‘security action’ where their computers will be offline all weekend and digital money will disappear. This will be followed by the detonation of strategic EMP’s to knock out major grids – seeming like an attack on America by terrorists or Russia or a simulated Alien invasion using ARVs.

133 – “Your tests came back negative…she has no evidence of alien DNA” SCULLY, MIC DROP. Smell ya later, bitches.

134 – I’m with you, Mulder

135 – Nice to see Mulder still running

136 – BUST through that door…then pistol-whip the poor scientist…and plant bombs on the ARV and BLOW THAT THING TO HELL!!!!! Wow…can you say “overkill”?

137 – Of course Tad’s site is gone…he’s probably holed up in a missile silo somewhere puking up black oil by now

138 – Who wrote that on her back window?????

139 – So not only DOES Sveta have Alien DNA – SO DOES SCULLY!!!!!! Take down those sons of bitches, Mulder and Scully! TAKE THEM DOWN!

140 – His face after she tells him this though, like he cannot believe yet another anomaly has befallen her because of their history and her work on the X-Files:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.30.46 AM

I’m crying right now…

141 – Now Skinner’s group texting them…I love and adore The X-Files in 2016

142 – Oh no…Sveta’s driving all alone on a dark, two lane road…what do you wanna bet something bad is going to happen?

143 – Oh look something bad is happening…



146 – Looking like the Phantom of the Opera…

147 – “They’ve re-opened The X-Files” YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The band is back together…the band is back together…

Parting Thoughts

The Mythology

Gibson Praise! For crying out loud! You’ve already found the “key to everything”…in fact, you technically found him THREE TIMES (“The End”, “The Beginning”, “Within/Without”)! Then Mulder hid out in the desert with him for a year and then they drove away and left him with Doggett and Reyes and we never see or hear about the poor boy again…

We know Scully was abducted by men in “Duane Barry” and subjected to medical tests – implanting the chip in her neck and also leaving her barren. Then we are introduced to others who have been taken and tested with different experiences – ie Cassandra Spender, the first successful alien-human-hybrid. It was always established that the Aliens and the Syndicate were running a lot of different tracks with their abductions, using abductees for different things. The idea of Alien DNA and mind-reading (as I ranted above) was first introduced with Gibson in Season Five.

The new mythology hasn’t taken away Aliens or said they never existed (as Krischgau tried to do to Mulder in Redux 1 and 2), but rather relegated them to more of a supporting role. It is possible that what the Syndicate was doing – working with the Colonists – was completely under the radar of the people in charge of all of this testing and the abductions. They were notorious for looking out for themselves at the expense of all others…

The only part of the Mythology I am still trying to understand in all of this is the fact that the Super Soldiers were IN the FBI! Not just IN but in the high ranks of the FBI in “The Truth”. Are we to just believe they all jumped shipped and disappeared once Mulder and Scully were out of the picture? It’s frustrating that there hasn’t been any real resolution of that plot from the series finale…

The Ship

I’m reserving my full judgment of the breakup plot contrivance until after all six episodes have aired. They have obviously decided to let things air out and will continue to touch on Mulder and Scully’s history in the coming episodes even though they are MOTW.

(Un-popular opinion coming up!!!): I will say so far, that I don’t mind what Chris Carter has done…it isn’t out of character for Mulder to get depressed and to find himself in those low places (“Gethsemane” found him about to kill himself because he believed he was the cause of Scully’s cancer). I really hope they explain where the depression of his may have come from but it works with Mulder. He was stripped of his mission in 2001, sent into hiding for the next year, then on the run for the next six years. Even after working ONE case, he apparently continued to live in isolation for the past five and a half years since we saw them last. What does the romantic hero do when he no longer has a quest to complete?

Scully removing herself from the situation would also make sense because she would likely see herself as a hindrance to his progress and any chance Mulder had of getting better. Plus, you cannot stay with someone simply because it might end up badly for them if you leave…Mulder needs to get better and back on stable footing on his own and for himself, NOT for anyone else, including Scully.

I would also like to know what Mulder has been doing with himself. I mean…after the FBI forgave and forgot in IWTB, did he just continue with his hermit status? Did he try to find another job but maybe he couldn’t hold it down and seeing Scully able to adjust so easily maybe sent him down the road toward his depressive state? Maybe we’ll never know but it would be nice to have a little of that context.