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January 2016

206 Thoughts I had while watching “Founder’s Mutation”: You’re never ‘just’ anything to me

1 – Ah man they’re bringing up William in the “previously on” segment…I don’t know if my fragile emotions can handle this

2 – Though, that is the third reference to THEIR child (Sveta: “you have a child together”, Scully: “because we have a child together”) –> I hope that’s promising, but you know what they say: “hope breads eternal misery”

3 – “Bringing Scully and I back together” –> just not the in the way you NEED to be!

4 – As first images of an episode go…DANG:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 11.26.31 PM

5 – It looks like Eugene Tooms and the Flukeman teamed up to give this guy some MAJOR eye fungus…or he was dropping the bad acid all night long. Could go either way really.

6 – Between a retinal scan AND the metal detector, these guys must have to show up like an hour before work to get into the office on time. That thing took forever to scan his eye.

7 – Because of that we know this place is TOP SECRET/high clearance/highly classified

8 – “Work or Pleasure?” “I haven’t had pleasure for quite some time” –> Tooms/Flukeman eye fungus it is then

9 – They really had to let US hear that high-pitched noise too, huh?

10 – They totally just cut off that poor guy holding the coffees trying to get onto the elevator…be a bit more courteous guys, geez

11 – This damn high pitched squealing Taos Hum is really killing me

12 – “The Founder” -> I’m guessing this “Founder” has to do with the title…

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147 Thoughts I had while watching “My Struggle”: Are you ready for this?

*Disclaimer: I basically spent this entire episode flailing and barely able to contain my excitement – so half of this will be very thoughtful and the other half will be utter fangirling/shipper nonsense (ok let’s be honest it’ll be more like 20/80…oh who am I kidding, it’s really 10/90)


1 – Can’t be a Chris Carter episode without a lengthy, mind-numbing opening voiceover

2 – At least the language and syntax in this one actually sounds like Mulder and not some grandiose, poet trying to sound smarter than they actually are *side eye*

3 – Plus I really like the history of Mulder’s drive to run after the X-Files to remind all of us faithfuls and possible new comers as well that he tends to run head long into ‘The Truth’ leaving all else behind for a spell (including his partner…)

4 – “But my personal obsession did not” – tagline (also…understatement!)

5 – Even Biblical references…um…

6 – The UFOs buzzing around the Capitol Building in Washington, DC was actually in July 1952 NOT 1957 (Example #59,203 that Chris Carter doesn’t really do his research or he just doesn’t EDIT his scripts before sending them out to the actors)

7 – The Alien Hand!!!!! First I got a chill…and then I saw Rose’s hand in Titanic on the glass of the steamed up car…is that alien dying…or doing something else entirely?!

8 – “Or are we being lied to?” – ALWAYS

9 – THE THEME SONG!!!!!!!!!!

10 – THE CREDITS?!?!!?!?!?!? HOLY CRAP they kept the actual original credits from 1993…with one notable and worthy exception SKINNER FOR THE WIN!!!!!!! I’m dying

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149 Thoughts I had while watching “Squeeze”: Do you think I’m spooky?

1 – Since the thought of killer clowns in the storm drains wasn’t scary enough, let’s have a dude with yellow eyes watching people from one…

2 – Then the shot goes all black and white but only the person of interest is in color and I’m having serious “Pleasantville” nostalgia

3 – Seriously the effect is done really well, especially for a TV show that was just starting out and likely didn’t have much of a budget yet. I’m pretty impressed at how well this holds up 23 years later

4 – That security camera monitor TV is ginormous

5 – First rule of thumb – NEVER work late at night in an office BY YOURSELF – you’re asking to be murdered

6 – 8:30pm…dude, I don’t care if the presentation didn’t go well. Go home, get a drink, get some sleep and come back to hit it fresh in the morning.

7 – Awesome shot of the heating vent and one of the bottom screws being loosened – from the inside of the vent – and then there’s a hand coming out of it!!!!

8 – Man seriously just put DOWN the coffee and GO HOME!

9 – I bet he wishes he’d listened to me now…

10 – He is dead, dead, dead. Blood everywhere

11 – And the vent closes up nice and tight like the hand (and presumably the person attached to it) was never there

12 – And it’s Donal Logue playing an old academy friend of Scully’s – it’s nice to see Scully with friends (not getting used to it)

13 – “Supervisory?” “That’s right” “Two years out of the academy. How did he land that?” “Lucked into the world trade center bombing” [the first one] – really, Donal Logue, ‘lucked into’ a bombing? Be a little more sensitive, maybe?

14 – What I really enjoy is Scully actually being happy for this old classmate. She may be flabbergasted that he got a supervisory agent position only two years out of the academy but she still says “good for Marty” – Dana Scully is a gem

15 – And Donal Logue is a bit of a douche

16 – And Donal Logue writes profiles. Haha her new partner is a profiling wunderkind – step back!

17 – Even when Donal Logue’s being a douche she finds a way to praise his accomplishments – seriously, a GEM!

18 – “Close encounters of the third kind” – and then he gets more douche-y by being wholly unoriginal [though I guess it’s better than mentioning ET] and then smiling at his own joke cause he’s just so funny…stop smiling, no one thinks you’re funny, especially not Scully. Check the face:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 2.19.25 AM

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144 Thoughts I had while watching “Deep Throat”: This is gonna look real good on my field report

1 – That’s not a very big area they have blocked off out on the street in front of the house. I’m not an expert in this or anything, but shouldn’t they have a larger section of the neighborhood cordoned off?

2 – Oooooo dude has a BAD rash. That looks uncomfortable and nasty.

3 – I ADORE this theme song. Always have and always will

4 – And let’s not forget the tag line…

5 – Poor Scully, the only one in the bar who doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself this afternoon

6 – Let the man buy you a drink, Scully! Come on!

7 – This place is REALLY packed for 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Does no one work in Washington, DC?

8 – Camera pans over and lands on an older gentleman and then hangs there for a moment as he contemplates the area Mulder and Scully just vacated – that’s the director’s subtle way of telling us this guy is important in some way (ie not so subtle)

9 – TIMELINE: it’s been 4 months since the teaser…

10 – PLOT: Colonel Budahaus had a psychotic episode 4 months previous, barricaded himself in his home, military police called in and the colonel was removed and taken for treatment of his condition. Military will not comment on the Colonel at all.

11 – TIMELINE: Then Mulder says “Mrs. Budahaus has neither seen nor heard from her husband in over 4 months” – Mulder, you JUST said it’s been 4 months since he had a psychotic break and now you’re saying his wife hasn’t seen/heard from him for OVER 4 months. PICK ONE!

12 – PLOT: Mrs. Budahaus contacted the FBI to report her husband’s disappearance as a kidnapping one-month prior. 6 pilots have been listed as MIA from Ellen’s Air Base since 1963. Military gives some stupid reason for their disappearance which Mulder is having none of…

13 – “There were other rumors too…” Could it be UFOs, Mulder?????

14 – “This case has a distinct smell to it…a certain paranormal bouquet” – that smell would be the sweet aroma of bullshit, Scully. Get used to it.

15 – I know this is a good way to get Mulder alone with this guy, but REALLY? WHY the bathroom? Why do clandestine meetings happen in bathrooms? It’s just…ick…go find a parking garage or something other than a bathroom

16 – And it’s the dude from earlier at the bar telling Mulder to leave the case alone! He’s wonderfully cryptic, too, which makes it better

17 – “How do you know about my work” oh Mulder don’t you know by now the whole fracking world is apparently obsessed with you

18 – “You are exposing yourself and Agent Scully to unnecessary risk” and the award for biggest understatement of the series goes to…

19 – And BAM he just disappears! Bar guy is apparently a magician

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136 Thoughts I had while watching The X-Files “Pilot”: Who’d you tick off to get stick with this detail?

1 – It’s kind of weird watching an episode without the theme song…not gonna lie

2 – Real talk – has anyone ever researched to see if this whole “inspired by actual documented accounts” is even remotely real? Given the premise of the show … I’m thinking I may have to go with: it’s not

3 – Yeah that trip and fall looks like it hurt

4 – Wind starts up out of nowhere – kind of weird; bright light coming from nowhere – weirder; shadowy dude coming out of forest – the hell are you still just sitting there staring, girl? Get up and keep RUNNING!

5 – Bright flash!

6 – And…now she’s dead…she should have listened to me

7 – Seriously they had to hike up the girl’s nightgown to let 90s sport coat see those marks on her back – so either they went searching for them specifically or these people like to pull up the nightgowns of dead girls found in the forest … I’m hoping it’s the former

8 – 90s sport coat recognizes her (id’s as Karen Swenson) because she went to school with his son

9 – “It’s happening again isn’t it?” – well I guess that answers the question about the marks

10 – Hello, Agent Dana Scully – work that horrible 90s pant suit girl!

11 – Why tell someone to “come in” to your office if you are then going to proceed to look wholly uninterested in them when they follow your instruction – mean!

12 – CSM! FIRST CSM SIGHTING! Chilling in the background smoking away … like he does …

13 – Alright I may need someone else to look at this because I swear CSM just looked at Dana Scully’s butt when he moved to walk past her (as she’s moving to sit around 3:15). I mean, who wouldn’t, but wow!

14 – Monograph – “a detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it” (yes, I googled)

15 – It is so ridiculously cute how she smiles and tries to get CSM in the “Spooky Mulder” thing and he’s just having none of it … poor Scully, I think you’re funny

16 – “Consuming devotion to an un-assigned project outside of the bureau mainstream” and “they have to do with unexplained phenomena” are probably the biggest understatements ever

17 – Scully’s face as Blevins is telling her her ‘mission’ is so subtly beautiful – you can tell she’s not comfortable with this already

18 – “We trust you’ll make the proper scientific analysis” – knowing what all is coming, I cannot help but laugh at this one – ah man

19 – TO THE BASEMENT!!!! [I’m way more excited than I should be, but here we are…]

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